Thursday, September 4, 2008

TiVo Remote: The Saga Continues - oh, and a Political Rant

Remote Control Disappearance: Day 3

The Following Takes Place Between 9pm and 10pm.

The scene: John stands in his garage wearing a rubber glove on the wrong hand and holding a garbage bag open. He is going through a bag of two-day-old garbage, piece by piece.

John (calling to his wife): "I just went through this yesterday. I'm pretty sure the remote is not going to appear in here."

Sharon: "'Pretty' sure?"

John (pulls out mushy mess of something - a baby diaper may be involved - he pukes a little in his mouth): "Nothing ye...oh my God, what did Caden eat???"

A cricket chirps from somewhere.

John: "What was that?"

Sharon (from safely inside the house): "Probably a cricket."

John: "Yeah, got that, Captain Obvious. Where is it coming from?"

Sharon: "Oh my God. Get out! Get out now! It's coming from inside the garage!"

John (holding a rotten banana peel): "Cute. Real cute."

After the entire contents of the bag had been transferred to another bag with no remote control being found, I removed the glove, dodged a brief cricket attack and went back inside. I have now been without my TiVo remote for 3 days. I'm at a loss. I've checked everywhere I can possibly think to check. One reader commented that the remote would be in the last place I looked for it. But I already looked there!

The saga continues. I will keep you posted. For now, all I can do is check my son's diapers to make sure he doesn't pass a 'record' button.

Despite the lack of remote control, I managed to turn the TV on to Governor Palin's speech last night (luckily my wife had previously done the work of scrolling from channel 298 to channel 4, otherwise I may have spent the night watching Max & Ruby and Little Bill).

I have to say, she gave an excellent speech. Ok, the voice - a little screechy, but overall she is very well spoken. I don't take this any differently than I did Obama's speech. I understand that this was written for her, so tonight she gets points for poise and charisma.

I do, however, have to take issue with some of the things people and the so-called media are bringing up.

I read somewhere this morning that Palin should not be thinking about running for VP with a 3 mos. old Downs' Syndrome baby. That baby will need her care and she cannot do both. Apparently, Palin will be i. I'm sorry, but wouldn't telling a women she can't be a mother and work be slingshotting women back to the middle ages? Why is Barack Obama not being criticized? He's got two young children. Is it because they're not special needs so they need their father less or is it because fathers just aren't as important as mothers are? Or, maybe those critics just believe that a man can handle both and a woman can't. Any of those reasons is ridiculous. That baby has a lot of family surrounding him. Yes, they will need assistance, but they will have the best assistance. There are women out there with special needs children that are single and working three jobs just to get by. Should we tell them they can't do that? I mean, it is the Democrats, so I'm sure they'd be happy just having them all quit those jobs and go on welfare. They can just tax us some more to pay for it.

And I seriously, SERIOUSLY, believe that the Democrats and the Obama Disciples (otherwise known as the media) need to stop questioning her experience. She may have been a mayor of a town of only 9,000 people. She may have been governor of only 500,000 people, but that is executive leadership over 509,000 more people than Biden and Obama combined. Obama touts his time as a community organizer. According to somebody that worked as a community organizer for the same organization, this consisted largely of going door to door asking for donations. Whoa - that's important. In fact, I remember Bill Clinton going door to door selling Girl Scout cookies in my neighborhood once.

I'm not saying she's got a ton of experience, but the type she has is much more directly related to the office than what they've done. She's balanced a budget, fought corruption, and cut spending - even, gasp, sacrificing her own perks to do so! Isn't that what we want? Or do we want the fat cats in Washington continuing to line their pockets and earmarking bills to sneak some funding past the voters?

I saw the mention of "Troopergate" today, too - where she allegedly fired a Public Safety Commissioner who refused to get rid of a trooper who happened to be Palin's ex-brother-in-law. The brother-in-law, in addition to various transgressions (DUI, illegally firing a firearm) also threatened to shoot Palin's father and said if Palin got involved he would 'take her down.' Since the words were not said directly to Palin's father, he did not break the law. They call Palin's actions abuse of power. I call them making right on a technicality. She denies doing it, and gives her reasons for letting the Commissioner go, but the whole thing is under investigation. So, the Democrats and the press run with it. I mean, who needs facts right? Who needs the results of the investigation? What does any of that matter?

And to further prove that point, I was sent to a US News and World Report blog where the author accuses Palin of flip-flopping on the Pro-Life issue. The so-called 'proof' of this is a photograph of her with a group of women, identified in the caption not as a Pro-Choice group, but as a women's group. The author, herself, admits that she put phone calls into both Palin and the group, but had gotten responses from neither. So, wait, now we're not only telling one side of the story, we're making up "stories" with no input from either side? How desperate is that? What happened to journalistic integrity in this country? Where is the fact checking, the confirming of information gotten from sources? In fact, where are the facts and source information themselves? Nowadays, so-called journalists can put together a piece of pure speculation and pass it off as news, saying things like, 'We'll get more information later.' Well, of course, you've already done your damage. Even if you recant your position later, you know most of the people who read the 'story' will not read that you've corrected it, or care.

Just when Obama had swayed me in his speech a bit, the Democratic Party and disgustingly left-wing media have pushed me right back to the Republicans.

Palin for President! Um, I mean...McCain for President!

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