Saturday, September 6, 2008

The TiVo Diaries: A Special Weekend Report

After days of searching trash, tearing the house apart, praying to various deities, and fearing the worst...

the TiVo remote has been found!!!

Over the past 5 days I've lost 3 pounds getting up to change the channel, but now I can happily go back to being a lazy S.O.B.


Where was this elusive remote, you may ask?

Well, it turns out that my son didn't hide it - my daughter did. I feel slightly better having been outplayed by a 3.5 yr old rather than a 1 yr old - but not much.

The worst part is, about, oh, 5 days ago when I was searching frantically for the remote, my daughter said, "Daddy, it's in the black bag."

I looked. Believe me, at that point I was taking all the help I could get. But I didn't see a black bag around. First thing this morning, I asked her again. She said, "It's in the black bag. No, the blue bag." I asked her if it was a store bag or our bag. She said our bag. I asked her if it was light blue or dark blue. She said dark blue. I had no idea what bag she was talking about until I was putting her to bed tonight and walked into our office. Seeing my wife's navy blue and black laptop bag, I said, "Bella, is this the bag you meant?"

She nodded.

Guess what? It was there.

"How'd it get there?" I asked, still amazed.

"I put it there."

Game, set, match. The 3.5 year old wins.

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